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5 Careers For Skin Care Training School Graduates

by Dora Peters

If you are considering a career in skincare, your next stop is a skincare training school. School provides the perfect training opportunity for a valuable and exciting career.

Once you get to school, it's time to determine what kind of career you'd like to train for. These are some of the career options you might consider.


A popular career for treating skin issues is a Dermatologist. This career diagnoses and treats disorders of the skin. While this is a great career option, this kind of career also involves becoming a doctor. You will learn not only how to make skin look and feel better but also how to prevent sun damage and protect your patients from skincare threats. Skincare training school might be the first step in the process for you.

Hair Removal & Waxing Specialists

For many graduates, hair removal is the goal. You will learn how to use a variety of tools to remove hair safely and comfortably for your customers. These include waxing, lasers, plucking, and more.

Makeup Specialists

You might be surprised to learn that many graduates of skincare school work in the makeup field. You will learn how to apply the right makeup for the right kind of skin as well as how to safely prepare the skin for application.

Med Spa Professional

When you go to skincare training school, you also learn how to work in a medical spa setting. Many skincare school grads even work as managers in this field, ensuring that everybody who attends the spa has a safe and comfortable time. You may also provide facial massages, facial services, and more.


An esthetician might be your next step if you are not interested in becoming a doctor. You will find that an esthetician still takes part in protecting the skin and helping people feel and look their best. As an esthetician, you will learn how to cleanse, exfoliate, and wax the skin. You may also learn how to use lasers, makeup, and more.

Some estheticians will also get training in more advanced specialties, like microdermabrasion, hair removal, and skin evaluation. Skincare training school is a great way to learn more about this career.

Sign Up for Skincare Training School

Skincare training school is a great way to train for a career you are going to love. If you are ready to try something new, sign up for skincare school to begin your career journey. 

For more info, contact a skincare training school in your area.